Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rough Cut - Email of Brad Raider (Kensho at the Bedfellow)

Dear Kensho Supporters,

A profound thank you for your support of the film.  It's been an epic journey so far and we can see a finished product in the not-too-distant future thanks to you.  A few updates from the front lines of post-production here in LA:

We're finessing and shopping a (very) rough cut of the film to a few more potential investors and artists who can help us finish this thing in time for festival submissions in the Fall. Sound, color, visual effects, and music are all in the beginning stages as we work to finish the edit and gather resources.  This week, a few of our team got to watch all 150 scenes in sequence with a temp soundtrack and it's really beginning to look like a movie.
Photos from our Second Unit shoot in LA are here and other Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts will continue -- you can follow and like what interests you, including these newsletters. They'll be few and far between but of course, please feel free to unsubscribe below if you'd like radio silence from us.

For our IndieGoGo supporters, we have awesome perks for you which will be sent out after the first round of festival submissions in the Fall...

Thank you again from all of us and enjoy the holiday weekend!

With gratitude,

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