Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Artie Lange Show with Kathry Erbe

Yesterday was an amazing day. Blanca sent me a personalized Ode to Joy program with Kathryn's sign and greetings. I also got a beautiful Easter card by Alberto and a little addition was the TV Guide edition with Norman Reedus on it. JIPPY!

I also saw a tweet by the Artie Lange Show, saying Kathryn was a guest on Monday. After a little research I found:

I'm so glad they also offer a podcast. What a Gem! Listen to Kathryn from minute 25 on.

It's a big overview of her career, talking about Soap Operas (better money than library), What About Bob (smoking and Bill Murray leaving the set), Criminal Intent and her relationship to Vincent. I love that she said it was like a marriage. Eames' eye-rolling was built around Goren. She also talks about getting older, her daughter with her own show biz projects and Ode to Joy.

The biggest surprise, they also filmed the interview and posted it on youtube. Enjoy the whole interview 17 minutes and also watch Kathryn. 

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