Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stage Photos of Checkers

Vineyard Theater published a few on stage photos of Checkers at their Picasa photo page. Click on the link for all 19 photos but enjoy here the one with Kathryn.

Wow, what a cool wig and I adore her dresses. I would love to see The Nixons on stage.

P.S. yesterday I caught a Vineyard tweet that the tonight (Oct. 30th) performance will be canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. I hope that New York is back to normal on Wednesday. There will be the big Opening Night of the play.


  1. Wow, they really do look like the Nixons. She looks SO different. It's pretty cool to see her transformed and in the full Pat Nixon garb.

    I wished I could see this too! It really does sounds like a interesting play, and Kathryn is such a versatile actress. It'd even be cool just to see a clip or something.

    I read where the NYSE is going to open back up tomorrow, so hopefully everything is getting back to normal over there, weather-wise anyway.

    1. I need to check photos of Pat Nixon.
      You're so right, I would love the see Checkers.