Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - 'The 8th Year'

With thank to BobbyG from My Big Fat Freakin' Life.

Law  & Order: Criminal Intent - 'The 8th Year' of the Dick Wolf-Created Series is Coming to DVD

Late October release from Shout! Factory Posted by David Lambert 7/09/2012 at TVShowsonDVD

Shout! Factory's licensed-from-Universal release of The 7th Year DVDs hit stores just a few weeks ago. Now the studio has scheduled an October 23rd in-store date for Law & Order: Criminal Intent - The 8th Year. The 4-disc package, whose artwork is shown below, will set you back no more than $44.99 SRP. But you can already pre-order this from Amazon.com at a nice discount.


  1. As much as I still love Bobby & Alex, I have the first seven seasons on DVD, I will not be getting Season 8. Reason-The way Vincent and Kathryn were treated because of The Fly Man. I watch Bobby and Alex almost every day and still miss them sooooo much.

  2. I understand, Pat. I miss them s well.