Friday, May 25, 2012

Norman Reedus

Like I told you a few days ago, I joined tumblr. Here is my own page. God, I count 400 entries in only two weeks (most of this re-blogs and not own stuff). It's crazy but so much fun. I also discovered Norman Reedus during this time and tumblr let me fall in love with him. He hit me out of nowhere but it's also so easy because there are so many beautiful pictures of this artists around. It feels like being in a candy shop. Everywhere delicious stuff. No it's more like being in front of the candy shop and looking through the door. Still so much undiscovered work to catch.

In the last days I managed to watch several commercials and music video clips Norman was is. I watched The Walking Dead S1. (Yesterday started S2), single other TV episodes he had guest appearances. I also already watched The Boondock Saints (I didn't really get even when it seems the favorite movie of every Norman fan). Plus I also re-watched Cadillac Records. This is the only Norman movie in my own DVD collection.

I also made a few animations and other artwork yet and yesterday I found finally my first connection to Kathryn. Enjoy...

Norman Reedus made at least three D'Urban commercials in 2010. Check youtube for them! Ron Cobert shoot amazing, unique and very creative pictures. One of the clips ends with Norman touching the hands of a woman.

And here is my Kathryn Erbe connection. Do you remember the last but one scene of Stir of Echoes? Sigh and they both slip to the same side *melt*.

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