Sunday, September 18, 2011

TVrealm: episode 2 x 06 - Bling Bling!

Hey, I'm back from Italy. I had two great weeks at Lago di Garda.

TVrealm started at the begining of September and even presented a few great challenges. Stay tuned to see more funny results...

Episode 2x06: Bling Bling!
Ep Summary: Take a TV character and pimp 'em out using

Try it. I had so much fun. Read here a little tuto how to do it without to register.

Alex Bling Bling

See here Lennie Briscoe made by my wonderful 100 beta gorengal.


  1. Love the colors you used...great job!

  2. Now *that's* Bling! Very cute! Well done! Love the kitty jumping for the heart!

  3. Thank you my friends. I had so much fun to BLING and PIMP Alex ;o)